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Hi Yoram
The color properties of this website should be:

The space outside the "changing" part should be colored=#bac4bb
The background of the texts (where Sahar will upload the texts) should be #cbd5cc
The texts should be #3b4a4a
the links should be #738278
borders, if exist should be #8c968c
The menu, when Not highlited should be the same color as the border, e.g. #8c968c
and when highlited, it should be #a7afa7
the text on the menu should be #d20028
and the scrollbar exactly as I have designed it...
Another thing, the waving flag should be at the left side of the title, and the scentences "freedom..."etc. in Arabic & English should be to it's right and not as you designed it now...
What do you think?

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